Weekly Assignments:

Rhythm writing. Students compose an original rhythm of their own each Friday (or whatever day ends the week). Some of these may include dictation.

Eartraining. Students will do eartraining assignments in class. Usually on Thursday.

Assignments for September:

  • Sept. 6th pencil pouch with two pencils, and a highlighter due.

  • Sept 6th Cut Time Log In and register. Students will need to have the following information:

  1. Name with correct spelling and capitalization​

  2. Address

  3. Cell Phone #

  4. Cell Phone Carrier

  5. Birthdate 

  6. Picture (selfie's are fine)

  7. Add relationships (parents

Please know I am new to this system. We are all on a learning curve here until I figure out exactly how it works!

  • All required forms are due by Sept 13th.

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