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Ranger Choir is headed to NYC!

April 23-26, 2020

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Website Registration Instructions

Student and Chaperone Registration
1. Visit our website at:
    Click the green button in the top right hand corner "Log in to myETA"
      Trip Code: smithsonchoir20
      Password:  nyctrip20
2. Click on the Red Button that says "Make a new reservation"
3. Complete the information and continue to follow the instructions to complete your registration.
4. Once you have completed your reservation, you will come to a page with tabs at the top, click on the "Passengers" tab.
5. On the Passengers tab, click on the "Waiver Incomplete View/Edit" button.
6. Completed all required information in the Waiver. You can log out and log back in to finish the waiver at a later date using the reservation information emailed to you.

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