The Choir Handbook is designed to foster the success of the Smithson Valley Ranger Choir, inform the students and their parents, and address questions and concerns that may arise throughout the school year. Answers to most questions concerning choir procedures can be found here. I welcome you as part of the choir family and look forward to your involvement in the program. Guns up, Rangers!

My mission this year, besides choral excellence, is to build a strong Ranger Choir Culture and Community. It is pivotal to making a program grow and helping students to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Relationships will remain a big emphasis as well continuing  the goal last year of students knowing each other building a sense of community within the choir as well as the entire school.


Membership in the SVHS Choral program is open to every student enrolled at Smithson Valley High School regardless of musical experience. Returning students are auditioned and placed in an appropriate choral ensemble for their level of musicianship. All Freshman are placed together in either the Treble Bel Canto Choir or the Tone Rangers Tenor Bass Choir. As a member of a team students are expected to put the group before themselves and maintain the SVHS Choir Code of Conduct discussed later in this handbook. Participation in a music ensemble should be considered a privilege not a right.  In order to maintain the integrity of the department and provide a positive learning environment for all students, consistent in-class discipline problems, multiple placements of in-school suspension, discipline referrals for fighting and/or other aggressive acts will result in a loss of privileges in the choral program to include movement into a different ensemble, loss of traveling privileges, suspension from performances, or removal from the choral program at the director’s discretion.


Each student will be provided with a black music folder as a part of the Choir Fee assessed at the start of the year. Students need to purchase pencils, a highligter and a pencil pouch  Music and other materials will be issued on loan from the school throughout the school year. Students are financially responsible for folder contents provided by the school. Students are expected to have their folder, music and a pencil at every rehearsal. In the event any materials distributed by the teacher are lost, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain another copy or to pay the replacement cost.

We ALWAYS need tissues! If you are able, please bring tissues.

Student Travel

The choral department will occasionally engage in overnight travel for festivals and performances. Although choir trips are optional, students are strongly encouraged to participate as we will be performing on all trips and need our entire team in order to be successful. Specific regulations concerning student travel will be discussed in detail preceding all trips. Please note that consistent discipline problems in school (including multiple assignments to in-school suspension) may result in the loss of travel privileges. Any flagrant offense of school or district policy will result in the loss of travel privileges for a period to be determined by the director and school administration.


Student accounts can be accessed via our online system Cut Time./ 

The SV Ranger Choir is the bargain organization on campus! We have an all inclusive fee of $75. The fee includes but is not limited to: dry cleaning of uniforms, choir t-shirt, meals before concerts, choir socials, annual pop show t-shirt, guest clinicians to work with choirs, accompanist fees, and much, much more! It is understandable if this is difficult for you to pay by the deadline, you may make arrangements to make monthly payments. 

Finances should never be a barrier to a student’s participation in the department; however, if no communication is made, no assistance can be offered. The Choir Fee form is located on the Forms Tab

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